Welcome to DOGA-L2

Please master DOGA-L1 before you use DOGA-L2. In this gHELPh, the explanations included " HELP " of L1 are omitted.

  1. Outline of DOGA-L2
    1. Overview of L2
    2. System Requirements
    3. Technical Support
  2. New functions: a list of new function and concept of L2
    1. Design an object
    2. Design a motion
    3. Render / View animations
  3. How to make a Joint-Model Object: detailed explanations of Joint-Model Objects which are difficult to make
    1. Outline of a Joint-Model Object
    2. The flow of making a Joint-Model Object
    3. Making units
    4. Connecting units
    5. Posing and Moving a Joint-Move Object
  4. Notices
    1. Notices of the whole
    2. Notices of "Design an object"
    3. Notices of "Design a multi-joint model"
    4. Notices of "Design a motion"
    5. Notices of "Render / View animations"
    6. Notices of "Organize data files"
  5. Information of L-3
  6. Reference: HELP of DOGA-L1
  7. Keywords
Help for DOGA-L1 (Ver.E1999.5.1)

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