Some of the DoGA sites are in Japanese.  If you need them translated, try Alta Vista's Babelfish.



Firefury's DoGA FAQ  An excelent FAQ on getting started with DoGA.  The page is in English and it has some part files you can download. While not actually a DoGA site, it does offer a source for numerous images  that can be used as textures.
Project Team Doga Japanese site you will need to use Babelfish to translate.  Has a number of downloads available as well as
Virmin DoGA Support

Todd Zircher's website.  It has part files, backgrounds, textures, tutorials, and even an English version of the Help files. 

(Note:  Site currently down but I am trying to see if Todd will let me host his files)

Help Files from DoGA L2 Contains instructions for using some of the features that are not mentioned in the L3 Help files such as Multi-joint, Actions, and Motions. Opens in a new window.

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